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Anti-icing Fluid for ON LINE and OFF LINE use


CONNTECT AF-100 is a superior quality, specially designed propylene glycol based gas turbine anti-icing fluid for use with all CONNTECT compressor cleaners for cleaning and rinsing at low ambient temperatures.  CONNTECT AF-100 can be used for both ON LINE and OFF LINE washing and rinsing. CONNTECT AF-100 is a high purity, ash free product to insure that no incremental contamination of the hot section of the turbine can occur.  CONNTECT AF-100 is non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable.


CONNTECT AF-100 forms a stable solution when mixed with water or in combination with CONNTECT 5000 or CONNTECT 6000 in any ratio or in any order and with CONNTECT 7000 for a limited amount of time in certain ratios. (Consult your representative for details).  Depending upon the percentage of CONNTECT AF-100 used, the freezing temperature of the cleaning or rinsing solution can be reduced down to -22oF (-30oC) to allow cold weather washing and rinsing under most conditions.


Cleaning at low ambient temperatures should not be conducted without the approval of your engine manufacturer and without the use of an approved anti-freeze. 


While the actual freezing temperature of CONNTECT AF-100 is below 22oF (-30oC), the viscosity of the material increases significantly at cold temperatures.  Therefore we recommend that you store CONNTECT AF-100 inside if possible and do not mix CONNTECT AF-100 with cleaner or water when the product is very cold, as complete mixing may not be achieved.


CONNTECT AF-100 is available in non-returnable 5-gallon polyethylene pails, 55-gallon (208-liter) drums and 330-gallon re-usable and disposable bulk containers (totes).


Conntect can also supply digital fiber-optic refractometers to determine the exact proportion of CONNTECT AF-100 mixed in solution and the corresponding freezing temperature.

Conntect 5000Conntect 6000Conntect 7000Conntect AF-100
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