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Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaners


It is well known that compressor efficiency plays a vital role in the overall operation and reliability of a plant.  As compressors get dirty, even with the most sophisticated inlet air filtration systems, power output is reduced and fuel consumption increases. Even small performance losses result in a significant negative impact on plant efficiency.  The maintenance of clean compressors must be an integral part in the operation of any plant.  



Compressor degradation is very site specific depending on location, environment and type of operational requirements, but all gas turbine compressors require cleaning at some point.


The evolution of compressor cleaning has developed from very simple hand cleaning with basic chemicals to the use of certain dry abrasives to today where sophisticated cleaning chemicals designed for use with the engine shut down (off-line or crank cleaning) or with it operating at full load (on-line cleaning) is the state of the art.  To insure that these chemicals do not damage or react with the newest coatings, alloys and construction materials, engine manufactures issue strict specification to which the products must comply.


Conntect offers several types of compressor cleaning products designed to fill the many needs of our clients depending on their particular type of operation and location.   This can include base load or peak operations, from rural or suburban locations to heavy industrial or high traffic areas as well as extreme temperature conditions.  Our products meet or exceed all major gas turbine manufacturers' specifications.  The gains in efficiency and reduction in fuel consumption with a comprehensive compressor cleaning program are well known throughout the industry and the returns are huge when compared to the small cost of treatment.


For off-line or on-line cleaning with water based products, Conntect recommends Conntect 5000 concentrate and Conntect 6000, our latest low-foam, high efficiency concentrated cleaner.   For on-line or off-line cleaning with ready to use products, both Conntect 5000 and Conntect 6000 are available with the designation "D". 


For off-line or on-line cleaning with a heavy duty solvent-emulsion cleaner, Conntect suggests our Conntect 7000 concentrate.


For off-line or on-line cleaning at low ambient temperatures, we recommend our non-hazardous Conntect AF-100, anti-icing and rinsing fluid.     
Conntect 5000Conntect 6000Conntect 7000Conntect AF-100
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