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On & Off Line Nozzle SystemsStationary Pump SkidsMobile Pump Skids

Gas Turbine Compressor Wash Systems





Conntect offers On-line & Off-line Compressor Wash Nozzle Systems as well as Compressor Wash Pump Skids to meet the needs of any application from small gas turbines under 10 MW to the largest units available today.  In all cases, our wash systems are engineered for superior performance, durability, reliability, and fail-safe operation.  Our close relationship with the gas turbine user community enables us to base our designs on the specific requirements and preferences of the experienced user.

Conntect compressor wash nozzle systems represent a state of the art design rooted in cutting edge fluid dynamics and nozzle technology.  Due to the substantially different operating requirements of on-line vs. off-line washing, On-Line Systems and Off-Line Systems are optimized independently for nozzle location, angle, spray pattern, droplet size, and flow.  The result is complete and evenly distributed inlet coverage for maximum cleaning effectiveness.


The two basic classifications of the Conntect Compressor Wash Pump Skid offerings are the Mobile Skid and the Stationary or Trailer Mounted Skid. Our standard mobile system is a completely self-contained mixing tank and electrically operated pump arrangement riding on 12" pneumatic tires for easy transport over gravel and other rough surfaces.  Our standard stationary skid, available with manual or automatic controls, is an eductor based, in-line mixing design.  In addition to our standard model offerings, we welcome the opportunity to work with our customers on custom systems to meet any particular compressor wash need.


On & Off Line Nozzle SystemsStationary Pump SkidsMobile Pump Skids
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