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About Conntect


Conntect, Inc. was established in 1985.   Its principal place of business is located at 304 Federal Road, Suite 206, Brookfield, Connecticut, USA.


Our primary business is the manufacture and supply of combustion turbine fuel additives, compressor cleaners, compressor wash systems and related products and services to the power generation industry.  We are a small group of dedicated engineers and chemists with over 25 years experience with gas turbine power plants.


Our compressor cleaning product line includes both water based and solvent based cleaning solutions that can be used for both on-line and off-line cleaning.  These products meet or exceed all major gas turbine manufacturers’ specifications.  In addition, we supply compressor wash injection systems and equipment.  We are well known by manufacturers and customers alike and are proud of the reputation we have established in the industry.


Conntect’s® fuel additive experience has traditionally centered around the treatment of high ash bearing fuels such as crude, residual oil or contaminated distillates to prevent catastrophic corrosion due to trace elemental contaminates and to minimize fouling due to high ash content.  But we also supply combustion catalysts and smoke suppressants as well as biocides. 


We understand and are sensitive to the needs of our customers and the market we serve.  Our goal is to supply our products and services at fair prices with the highest quality of material, workmanship and service possible. 


Conntect® products are available worldwide with representatives and distributors in Central and South America, the Middle and Near East, Europe and the Far East as well as several distribution locations in North America. 


We thank you for visiting our website and trust that you find the brief introduction of our company and products valuable.  We encourage you to contact us at your convenience for more information about how we can assist you in improving the efficiency and reliability of operating your plant.
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