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Gas Turbine Fuel Additives


  In many applications, either by design or by availability, combustion turbine fuels that must be used are of low quality, containing high quantities of corrosive trace elements and/or a combination of high ash. These fuels include crude oil, heavy residual fuel, blended fuels and in some cases even distillate fuel. 
Corrosive trace elements such as vanadium and lead lead to catastrophic corrosion in a matter of hours.  Other alkali metals lead to reduced blade life.  High ash creates blade fouling, reduced efficiency and difficulty of removal.  In such cases, additives must be used in order to prevent corrosion and minimize fouling. 

Poor combustion can lead to high opacity and smoke and the use of additives can provide an economical alternative to other means of solving the problem.


Conntect   offers a wide range of gas turbine fuel additives to address these problems, which almost always involves some kind of modification of the trace elements in the gas path that create compounds that are not corrosive, create a more friable ash and act as a combustion catalyst.  They are all a proven metal system and include magnesium, chromium, silicon and iron.   All of our gas turbine fuel additives consist of only the highest-grade oil-soluble, homogeneous, readily dispersible raw materials available.


For crude, heavy residual fuels, or blended fuels containing levels of vanadium and lead above turbine manufacturer's limits, but with alkali salts such as sodium and potassium removed, we offer a range of magnesium based additives containing from 8% Mg up to 14% Mg, Conntect M-800, M-1000, M-1100, M-1220, M-1300 and M-1420.  


For crude, heavy residual fuels or blended fuels containing high limits of corrosive metals including the alkali salts, we offer a series of magnesium-chromium based additives formulated based on the fuel analysis.  These products include Conntect MC-615, MC-805 and MC-810. 


Conntect offers a magnesium-silicon-chrome additive, Conntect MSC-541 specially formulated for contaminated distillate fuels operating at lower inlet temperatures where occasional excursions in lead, vanadium, nickel, sodium and potassium sometimes occur.


For combustion turbines operating on liquid fuels where opacity and smoke exceed local regulations, we offer an iron based additive, Conntect FE-800 as a combustion catalyst to maintain smoke and opacity within requirements.


Where liquid fuels are stored for long periods and/or are subject to water contamination and bacterial growth, we can supply Biobor JF fungicide/bactericide.
Conntect M-SeriesConntect MC-SeriesConntect MSC-541Conntect FE-800Biobor JF
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