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Compressor Wash Stationary Pump Skids


The Conntect Stationary Wash Skid (also available as a trailer mounted version) is designed to minimize compressor wash manpower for plants conducting frequent on-line or off-line cleaning.  Utilizing an eductor based configuration, detergent concentrate from a skid mounted tank or independent tote bin is mixed in-line with water during the cleaning phase, eliminating the need for a mixing tank.  For the rinse phase, the eductor is simply bypassed,  allowing the injection 


of only pure water.  This skid is available with manual controls or any degree of automation specified.  A fully automated system, once initiated locally or remotely, can proceed unmanned through the entire wash/rinse process.  A single skid can serve multiple gas turbines with permanent piping or a flex hose/quick disconnect arrangement.  Stainless steel components provide durability, weather resistance, and allow for use of water based or petroleum based detergents.


Custom variations to our Stationary Skid are available to meet any specific requirements.

On & Off Line Nozzle SystemsStationary Pump SkidsMobile Pump Skids
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