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The objective of the Conntect Nozzle System is to provide intelligent and effective solutions for today's compressor wash needs.  That means moving away from the mediocre performance of traditional system design and towards a design based on state of the art analytical tools.  It also means delivering a low profile and completely fail safe system while incorporating features that will enable quick and easy maintenance.The Conntect Advanced On-Line Nozzle System utilizes cutting edge fluid dynamics analysis to precisely determine the nozzle location, angle, spray pattern,  droplet size, and flow for













 optimum inlet coverage in an often complex inlet air flow field.  This eliminates the guesswork, poor coverage and wasted flow associated with many traditional systems.  The Conntect Off-Line Nozzle System is carefully configured to ensure that wash fluid not only achieves good penetration into the compressor, but also provides complete and uniform distribution across the inlet guide vanes for effective front stage cleaning.


The stainless steel adjustable nozzle holder for both on-line and off-line systems penetrates the bellmouth or inlet plenum from the outside.  As the back diameter of the single piece holder is larger than the penetration, there is no possibility of any piece causing foreign object damage.  Furthermore, the nozzle forms a nearly flush mount, eliminating any vibration issues or interference with the normal airflow field.


On & Off Line Nozzle SystemsStationary Pump SkidsMobile Pump Skids
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