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M Series

Organo-metallic Ultra-fine Crystalline Magnesium




The CONNTECT M Series represents the latest technology in oil soluble magnesium fuel additives. Available in magnesium concentrations from 8 to 14%, these products incorporate the economical benefits of traditional magnesium carboxylates with the ultra performance of overbased magnesium sulfonates in one unique product.  The result of our efforts has produced a new fuel additive with an average particle size of < 0.07 microns, a low viscosity and excellent clarity, which offers both high temperature and low temperature corrosion protection in gas turbines operating on high ash bearing fuels. The CONNTECT M Series fuel additives are essentially free of particulate matter and will form a stable solutions when mixed with fuel and are highly resistant to hydrolysis. They can be used with any hydrocarbon derived fuel including crude, residual and contaminated distillates.


The CONNTECT M Series introduces magnesium into the fuel, which reacts with vanadium to form various high melting magnesium vanadates, interrupting the catastrophic corrosion process associated with low melting vanadates. Due to the extremely small particle size of our magnesium, the CONNTECT M Series additives will be more reactive during combustion than conventional magnesium additives which may lead to more efficient dosage levels. The CONNTECT M Series additives are normally used at magnesium to vanadium ratios of approximately 2.7 3.0  : 1. 


The CONNTECT M Series additives are available in metal concentrations as follows:


CONNTECT M-800                            8% wt. Mg

CONNTECT M-1000                        10% wt. Mg

CONNTECT M-1100                        11% Wt. Mg

CONNTECT M-1200                        12% Wt. Mg

CONNTECT M-1300                        13% Wt. Mg

CONNTECT M-1420                        14.2% Wt. Mg


All  CONNTECT M Series additives are available in non - returnable 55-gallon (208-liter) steel drums.  They are also available in bulk by request.

Conntect M-SeriesConntect MC-SeriesConntect MSC-541Conntect FE-800Biobor JF
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